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The Underneath Camera Rumors to be Released

The Underneath Camera Rumors to be Released Next Year to Replace Bang Screen

It is no secrecy at all that many companies are working on developing the underneath camera. There’s rumor that the first camera that can be embedded under the [...]

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Google Hacker Asks Apple

Google Hacker Asks Apple to Donate $2.45 Million In Unpaid iPhone Bug Bounties

A Google security researcher says that he’s found 30 vulnerabilities in iOS that have made Apple’s software more secure—and he wants the company to pay [...]

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Huawei Surpasses Apple to Become the world’s 2nd Largest Smartphone Vendor

Recent news from IDC, with 54.2 million smartphones shipped in the second calendar quarter of 2018, Chinese smartphone company Huawei has surpassed Apple to become [...]

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