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Malicious Adware Mughthesec

Researchers Found a Malicious Adware Mughthesec Hijacking Mac for Profit

Researchers from Malwarebytes, which is organization mainly focuses on security studies, had found a variant of an older piece of adware built for Macs. More [...]

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Mozilla Firefox 55.0 Beta

Mozilla Firefox 55.0 Beta Officially Release Tomorrow with WebVR Support

Firefox 55.0 has been released by Mozilla. The official release date of Firefox 55.0 is August 8, 2017 ( tomorrow). The new version of the web browser is already [...]

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macOS High Sierra: What’s New in App Photo

macOS High Sierra: What’s New in Photo App

Apple updates the built-in Photo app in macOS High Sierra with many features, including adding new tool as well as lots of small improvements at the same time. In [...]

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